20 May, 2020

Treehouse Media featured in Douglas Magazine – May 11, 2020

Adapt Your Message, Know Your Mix & Be Online Steve Hutchinson and Don Landels of Treehouse Media are experts in connecting brands to consumers in memorable ways through traditional and digital media advertising. They specialize in customized campaigns that include detailed reporting, analysis,… Read More…

2 Feb, 2017

Millennials Matter – but don’t forget Gen-X when choosing target markets.

Businesses big and small are being told with increasing urgency to shift their focus and their customer experience to Millennial consumers. A quick search online will fill your screen stats, facts and opinions about the tsunami of change that’s afoot… Read More…

28 Oct, 2016

I heard an ad on the radio

I heard an ad on the radio this week advertising the benefits of advertising on radio. We have heard and seen plenty of this type of self-promotion before on the radio, in the newspaper and of course on our local… Read More…

16 Sep, 2016

Value Added that is Win-Win

When negotiating media, it is often an adversarial process pitting supplier against client.   However, when the relationship is changed, great things can be accomplished as 1) the media are looking to see how they can make it better for… Read More…

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