Online Display Advertising

What is Online Display Advertising?

In its most basic form, Online Display is advertising on websites. It can include many formats from simple online ads (Big Box, Leaderboard, and the like) to more intrusive units including Expandables, Home Page Take Overs, and more. The ads can be static or include animation – or even video.

What do you pay for Online Display Advertising?

You can purchase Online Display through a variety of means including cost per click, cost per impressions, cost per conversion or a fixed placement fee. Ads can be purchased directly through a vendors site or by using an exchange. Ads can be targeted based on the content on a page, the user’s past browsing habits, the user’s demographics or a combination of these plus other elements.

Why use Online Display Advertising?

Online Display is just one more method of exposing your advertising message to a highly targeted audience. Based on the vast amounts of data available on each browsing, ads can be highly targeted with pinpoint accuracy, maximizing the impact of the advertising.

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