28 Oct, 2016

I heard an ad on the radio

I heard an ad on the radio this week advertising the benefits of advertising on radio. We have heard and seen plenty of this type of self-promotion before on the radio, in the newspaper and of course on our local independent TV station. What intrigued me with this particular effort of self-promotion was that it did not focus on the station being ranked number 1 in a certain demographic, or that a business owner should buy this particular radio station because they are local.

This ad focused on the true power of radio as a medium, the ability to connect with people on a pure emotional level. Emotional engagement is proven to be a major contributor to overall advertising effectiveness. Before logical or thoughtful consumer decisions occur, it’s often necessary to reach consumers at a basic emotional level. Radio clearly is a medium that has that power. Success Magazine contributor Jeffrey Hedquist outlined the 6 Principles for an Effective Radio Campaign quite nicely. It’s worth a quick read.

As an advertiser, you often hear that traditional media is dying and radio is unfortunately mentioned in that same breath. The fact is radio is doing well and I use it regularly for our clients when it’s the right fit. I believe if used properly and with a strong message grounded in emotion, radio can play an important role in most marketing plans.

Here’s a few of the top 10 UK radio ads of 2015 – “Enjoy”.

Army– Female Box

Born Free – Cooking Show

Tena – Cat Choir


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