16 Sep, 2016

Value Added that is Win-Win

When negotiating media, it is often an adversarial process pitting supplier against client.   However, when the relationship is changed, great things can be accomplished as 1) the media are looking to see how they can make it better for the client and 2) the client is looking to see how they can support the media in achieving their goals.

Recently, our client launched the Smart Start program. It is a new FREE program for parents who want to be active and informed when it comes time to teach their teen how to drive. We promoted this across multiple online and traditional media, including radio.  In the quest for an integrated program, we solicited the media to engage with us on a promotional and content perspective.  What resulted was a great on air contest as well as a fun video (about distracted driving but also about the new program) that was posted on the radio station website and social media channels.  The radio station got a reasonable media purchase, some fun content and a good on air contest and received a considerable amount of exposure.  Everyone receives much more when Value Added is “Win-Win”.

The client is seeing significant success from the campaign.  No wonder when you create content that entertains and engages the target audience.

You can view the video at our Facebook Page.


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